Modern LED Chandelier NS017


  • Modern LED orbit chandelier
  • The length can be controlled according to the size of the room or to form a straight orbit or cross orbit
  • Color: White

Delivery : 5 – 10 working days

2,350 EGP 2,600 EGP

A chandelier can be a dramatic and beautiful addition to any interior space. Chandeliers offer the perfect marriage of function and design. A large chandelier can help to complete a design scheme by filling a high ceiling or large room with a delightful design piece.

Consider your design scheme. Is your space modern? Traditional? Your chandelier should fit the overall design of the room in which it is installed. You may also wish to make your chandelier a “statement piece” to liven up an otherwise unremarkable space. Be sure to consider the shape of your chandelier with respect to the furniture and other decorations in the room. A spherical chandelier might offer a delightful contrast to the hard lines of a modern kitchen and a more compact, modern chandelier might be the right choice to maintain the professional look of your home office.