Modern L Shape sofa M02167

  • Dimension :
  • Width:280 cm
  • Depth: 85 cm
  • Chaise lounge length: 160 cm
  • Material: High-quality Red beech wood
  • Sponge: Soft (High-quality )
  • Fabric: All Fabrics kinds are available upon request
  • All Colors and fabrics are available
  • Delivery : 15-20 working days
  • Warranty: 10 years

EGP 22680 EGP 30251

Modern L Shape sofa

The Modern L Shape sofa is the relax version of the long sofa. Its main feature is the extended terminal seat, which we can place on the left or right side, on the basis of the living room design and the personal needs. The lateral padded element will allow the best ergonomic and comfortable positioning during moments of pure relaxation. The Modern L Shape sofa, which is a “family-friendly” solution, usually consists of three seats at least. But can always be completed with some optional accessories which can increase its level of comfort. For example extractable headrests, ergonomic cushions and reclining backrests.

With regard to textures, Ro2ya Home carefully studied and selected leathers and fabrics, in order to create a wide collection of high-quality coverings. The precious and vibrant but always affordable, resistant, and durable. The whole catalogue is available with warps and patterns in line both with the latest trends of the moment and the timeless traditional aesthetics.

Modern L Shape and Paddings

Even paddings are made following the highest qualitative standards. That is in order to ensure: the best ergonomics for the body, a durable non-deformability of the filling and a long-lasting quality of the entire product
The Modern L Shape sofa brings the perfect balance between modern elegance and maximum comfort. Spend the evening in good company or lay back with your feet up. Discover our range of stylish Modern L Shape sofa by Ro2ya Home.

Are you often looking for an opportunity to properly rest your feet? Our selection of L-shaped allows you to combine the space from a typical corner sofa with the lighter and more open-ended feeling of a regular 3-seater sofa. The Modern L Shape sofa truly brings a wonderful addition to your home.

The name of this special type of sofa is clearly we inspired it to the shape, which represents the capital letter L.Modern L Shape sofa where we can put into multiple categories. It can simply be a corner sofa of uneven length or it may be a chaise longue sofa. No matter what you are looking for, our Modern L Shape sofa express our great passion for delivering modern design and high-quality products for a premium personal home

The sofa is a unique opportunity to truly express yourself and how your home should make you feel. Often being a quite dominating piece of furniture in the living room, picking style that mostly speaks to you, is always the best idea. Are you fascinated by bright colors or perhaps luxurious leather?

Fabric or leather?

Fabric or leather? The choice of material can say a lot about the look in the living room. The most importantly the look of your sofa. It may often be a difficult choice. Do you jump on the newest trend or do you stick to the option, seems safer in the long run? Our fabrics like the rich velvet and the timeless lux felt offer you more opportunities to express yourself in a variety of colors. Our leather sofas represent a luxurious feeling and long-lasting material to age with beauty.

What about the colors? Each color brings its own flavor and personality to the room. Feel the joy of lively colors that let your imagination run wild. Choose the timeless elegance of classical colors fit for many different styles of home furnishing. Which color fits your personal taste the best? We got something for every desire.

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