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Ro2ya Home offers you different ideas of L shape sofa

You moved to a new home ?

So, you think to buy new sofa. If there’s anyone you should take advice from before purchasing a sofa or decorating your living room, it’s us!

You also can choose the design of your sofa.

Benefits of this sofa :

  • It is space efficient unlike the regular sofa, which has a fixed shape.
  • Why is it versatile ? Because it can be customized and modified Although L shape sofas, sectionals and corner sets take up more space.

They can seat more people, more comfortably, and they use that space more efficiently.

  • It can have storage space unlike most of regular sofas, corner sets especially are modified to come with storage spaces under the seats.
  • This type of sofa is affordable
  • you can exploit of the spaces and choose the sofa which seats more people.

There are three sectional shapes: The U-shape, the L-shape and the Semi-circular shape. You choose according to two essential things which are :

your lifestyle and the space you have.

Once you know the size and style of sectional picked out, it’s time to consider the material. Sectionals come in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. Choose the material that fits your needs.