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Elegant and stylish, shezlong will enhance your room’s style and offer a relaxing and comfortable place for reading, napping, and watching films.

Equally suited to the bedroom or the living room,

choose the best indoor shezlong chairs for your home.

Over the years, there are several different types.

Armless shezlong feature a backrest at one end and no arms.

Unlike models with one arm, you can place them whichever way round suits you and your room.

One-armed one have a single arm that protrudes from the backrest, up to around halfway down the chair.

This can be a traditional arm as you would find on an armchair or a thin continuation of the backrest.

What material should you choose ?

Before you choose your shezlong, It is important to consider which type of material is appropriate for your household, budget and lifestyle.


While it is an expensive choice, leather is renowned for its durability, comfort and good looks.


If you are looking for a natural choice, then cotton is a popular option for shezlong.


Linen material add a stylish look of casual indifference with their shabby chic appearance.